Base concept

Based on the many years of experience in the dental laboratory, we have faced various technical problems, such as:

  • porosity,
  • precision
  • quality

Problems that have not been improved through earlier methods and technology systems such as:

1. Traditional method (a method that we all use, but often gives us problems of different nature)

2. CAD-CAM Milling in wax or plastic (has been removed by waxing, but not by the melting of metal which remains a problem in itself)

3. CAD + 3D Printing in Plastic or Wax (the same as the second but the best cost) All the deficiencies of these methods have been eliminated through the DMLS laser system.


This advanced laser system has managed to eliminate all of the technical problems mentioned above, cutting down the toughest stages of work such as:

  • Wax modeling
  • Projection (muflim)
  • Melting of metal

Through the EOS M270 DMLS we have gained a highly quality prosthetic product
Cobalt Chrome (Co-Cr) with:

  • speed,
  • efficiency,
  • Precision and
  • esthetics


Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS)

The Eos M270 is the fastest, most precision and high-capacity device in the field. This system works on the basis of a multi-dimensional laser construction, joining and compressing powdered metal particles at a very high density which enables maximum strength and precision.